Yearly Archives: 2011

The apartment

Our apartment sits on the fifth floor of a Hausmann style building on the Boulevard d’Athenes. It is two blocks from the Gare St. Charles. The gare is the train station, a metro stop, a bus stop, and a stop for the navettes, the intercity shuttle buses. When I first flew in to Marseille, I took the bus from the airport to the Gare St. Charles. For day trips, such as to Aix en Provence, we take the navettes from the gare. From the train station it is a downhill walk to the apartment. Continue Reading

The first six weeks

Marseille is getting better. The first few days I was really freaking out I thought “what did we get ourselves into?” Everywhere we looked there were beggars and it felt like this was not the France I love. But then we started exploring and found that they inhabit a very small area. Everything is very very close. As you move from one quarter to the next the mood and the ambiance changes dramatically Continue Reading

Marseille – The Arrival

The post title is taken from the name of the first chapter of Alexander Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo. I believe we will fare better than Edmond Dantès.  But I’m getting ahead of myself. Ze papers Our first run at getting the visas began early in the year, on February 2. Not surprisingly, our applications… Continue Reading

On the road

But not quite like Jack Kerouac. After completing all paperwork for our long stay visas at the French Embassy in Washington, D.C. , we had some time on our hands: the response time from the Embassy for a oui or non was at least two weeks. Rather than further test the patience of relatives, Annie… Continue Reading

While waiting – why Marseille?

As of this writing we are still waiting to hear from the French Embassy regarding approval of our long stay visas. The embassy web site states it takes up to two weeks to process our applications. At this point we have no idea whether or not our applications will be approved. In the meantime here’s a bit about why we ended up with Marseille as our potential new home. Continue Reading