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Guns ‘n cheerleaders

Who did I vote for? Why did the United States do this or that? Is it true that all Americans own/believe/drive/ –  a gun/in Jesus/a Hummer? Have I ever met <actor name here>? And so on and so forth.

The setting was a one hectare nursery and home outside La Garde, on a glass enclosed terrace. A post Sunday morning swim on a beautiful sunny day was followed by an invitation to coffee, followed by some mid-day beers, and then turned into a meal, with baguette and mergez sandwiches, washed down with some local rose. Continue Reading

In search of lost vélo….and a few photos.

Vélo means bicycle. One month after we arrived and settled into our new place in La Garde, I was ready to get a bicycle. The previous occupants of our townhouse, an American family from Maine, had offered to sell us their little French car. The family was here on a one year sabbatical, and returning… Continue Reading

The morning wind is warm and dry

In Virginia the wind was varied. Summers the wind blew warm and humid. Ahead of an August thunderstorm it blew strong and unexpectedly cool. In the winter, like so many places, the wind was cold and miserably wet. Continue Reading

Ich bin Berliner

The title of this post is the proper way to say it. When JFK said “Ich bin ein Berliner” he said “I am a jelly doughnut”.  These details are important. Be careful when you use the indefinite article in German, especially if you are from Frankfurt or Hamburg. In proper French fashion we went someplace… Continue Reading

Au revoir Marseille

July was our last month in Marseille. After spending August in Berlin, we moved. Now we are living in La Garde – a small, quiet village between Toulon and Hyeres. In La Garde we have a larger home on a very quiet street, all within an old French village. Continue Reading