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The walk to the Ecole Maternelle

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I walk Catherine to her school, the Ecole Maternelle.  She has no school on Wednesdays. We leave our apartment at 8:10am,  take a right outside our front door heading towards the train station, then left on Rue de Convalescents  which becomes the Rue Nationale then turns into the Rue Colbert. A left on Rue Henri Barbusse and we’re at the school. Along the way there are a number of small businesses: sandwhich shops, cafes, and stores selling cosmetics and cleaning supplies. All the owners are of Middle Eastern or North African descent.  The tvs in at least three of the businesses are broadcasting services from the Masjid al-Haram, the Grand Mosque, in Mecca. The volume is turned up loud enough to hear the lone male voice wailing. Continue Reading