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Why do you live where you live?

Vernon Terrace in Alexandria, Virginia

A bit off topic today, but something I think about quite a bit.

For answers I’ve started with what others have done, and why.

My sister C- lived for many years in Richmond, Virginia. She studied at the Medical College of Virginia first for pharmacy then for dentistry. Richmond is a lovely, small city and a college town, not far from Washington, D.C. However, when my mother got older, C- moved from Richmond to be closer to our mother. C- bought a house in Maugansville, Maryland, near Hagerstown. She still lives there even though our mother died in 2003. Soon after moving to Maugansville  C- met a lovely, fantastic person, J-. J-‘s two kids are in an excellent school system, and J- and C- are committed to staying in the area until they graduate from high school. Continue Reading