Dead Dogs and Other Stories

Working for the town vet, guiding raft trips, and teaching classics at a small town near the Wind River Mountains—these are some of the short stories set in the Rocky Mountain West:

  • Dead Dogs
  • The Accident
  • The Canoe
  • Ropers, Headers, and Heelers
  • And Gladly Would He Teach (a novella)

Although I was raised in Virginia, my family came from the West: my father was from Arizona and my mother from Texas. 

Aside from occasional family reunions in Texas, I didn’t spend my time out West until during and after college. I worked for a small town veterinarian in Wyoming, and later travelled through New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and inland California.

Some writers in this genre whom I admire are Wallace Stegner, Gretel Ehrlich, Willa Cather, John McPhee, and Larry McMurtry.

Genre: fiction

Word count:

Books status: various stages of writing