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Thirteen Discs – a novel

In 1992 Silicon Valley companies had no nap rooms and preferred to hire people with experience. Disruption meant to impede progress. Steve Lewis leaves a company before its IPO for what he hopes will be a more satisfying job. Instead he faces a hostile boss, a difficult projects and outside of work, a series of bad dates. 

The Enormous Network and Other Stories

They write code and configure computers, design the UI and test software. A tech support group learns too well from the roles of Al Pacino; an engineer tries to balance integrity against profits; an interview candidate becomes an unexpected consultant. 

These are some of the twelve stories about life in Silicon Valley. 

Maybe Marseille

The previous working title was Dog Shit Nation, but that might hurt sales in France.

I swore I would not write a book about France.

Even before France was France, outsiders have been travelling here then writing about their experiences. My first exposure to the genre was Charles Joyce’ seventh grade Latin I: our first text was from  C. Iulius De Bello Gallico

Gallia est omnis divisa in patres tres

Ever since then the English, Americans, just about everyone has been coming to France and writing stories about maisons and merde, being a skinny Parisian, finding love or at least getting laid, piano ateliers, and buerre

The world doesn’t really need another book about moving to France, but after ten years here, I’ve changed my mind. Our story was a little different. 

We didn’t inherit a vineyard. We had not bought a home in Provence. We were not English chicks looking for sun and sex. We were Annie and Blake with three children, and we had lost out jobs in Silicon Valley. Instead of returning to our conventional careers, Annie suggested that since we had just enough room on our credit cards, that we should take the kids and spend just one year in the south of France; we couldn’t afford to stay for any longer. Maybe Marseille? 

The next day we made an appointment at the French Embassy.