On Thursday, November 30, American Public Media (APM) emailed all subscribers that today was the final newsletter edition of “The Writer’s Almanac” – the program would no longer be distributed by APM, which was terminating all contracts with Garrison Keillor and his private media companies after allegations of inappropriate behavior. Continue Reading

The Most Peculiar Interview

Recently I had the oddest experience, although on the surface of it you wouldn’t expect to be so: it was simply an interview at a company. What was disturbing was the company and their interview process, the likes of which I’ve heard about, the faintest whisper of a rumor, but like Big Foot or Atlantis,… Continue Reading

Uber versus tuk-tuk

Prologue: Dawn in Montpellier It was dark when we left our apartment at five in the morning, a Wednesday in mid-July, this time of year already warm even in the early morning. Daysacks over our shoulders, we walked our rolling luggage across the white tile of the nearly deserted Place Comedie to the taxi stand… Continue Reading

How to live…

Montpellier, France – June, 2017 To my daughter, la plus merveilleuse, whose age is no longer 9. You’re leaving the time of life that’s unique. After a certain age life seems to repeat: Why did this happen to me? What does X think of me? How do I look? What now? Continue Reading

Moments in France

Another collection of jottings, cut scenes found on the editing room floor, reminders written on receipts, things remembered, and various marginalia. Some of the writings were also found on an old envelope (our team has a hard time throwing out things, especially if they are on paper). On the back of the envelope was a… Continue Reading

April was not the cruelest month

April was not the cruelest month

We were due. I had not been back since 2014. Catherine and Annie had not been back to the United States since we moved to France in 2011, and therefore had not seen any of my family. Catherine had the first two weeks of April off for Spring break, and because this summer we had… Continue Reading