Weg Edward Hopper zu sehen

Seine besten Gemälde haben weiß: das weiße Segel auf einer Gaffelschaluppe, das weiße Äußere eines Schindelhauses in New England, das Weiß eines Leuchtturms am Atlantik, die weiße Uniform des Kerl, der hinter dem Tresen arbeitet. Weiß ist eine einsame Farbe: es reflektiert jedes Lichtspektrum. Obwohl es gibt in sienem Weißen auch Blau-, Schwarz- oder Grüntöne,… Continue Reading

Ways of Seeing Edward Hopper

Ein deustche Version findet man hier. Il y a une version française ici. His best paintings have white in them: the white sail on a gaff-rigged sloop, the white exterior of a New England clapboard house, the white of an Atlantic lighthouse, the white uniform of the guy working behind the diner counter. White is… Continue Reading


The original title of this essay was ‘Niggers fucking bitches in their asses’. More on that later. Land of terrible infants Standing in the great hall of Zurich’s main train station, it’s a cold, clear morning, the Thursday before Christmas. I love train stations. And today, here, now, this moment, I am at the center… Continue Reading

Letter from Chur 3

The third in an occasional series. *** Mornings when walking to the train station, I pass two outposts of Jehovah’s Witnesses. At the first are two women, early thirties, a rolling magazine rack between them. They hold out a magazine that no one takes. Further down the street is an older man, usually alone, also… Continue Reading

At the airport arrival area

We live on a wandering planet. —Saint-Exupéry Feeling sad? Worried about the human race? There’s plenty of good reasons to feel this way: climate change, the ill tempered, feces throwing orangutang in the White House, a growing world wide oligarchy, yet another digital privacy indignity. Continue Reading

Lackeys and Toadies

“An extremely credible source” has called my office and told this writer about @DTrump’s latest initiatives. Recognizing the enormous benefits incurred by the Russian intervention in the 2016 election, the occupant has come to understand that there’s no need to use domestic operatives. Why bother with Americans when you can outsource it all to not… Continue Reading