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December Adventures

December Adventures

Dead Renault in the middle of the road

On a Saturday in early December, late in the afternoon, we were driving through downtown Nice.  Earlier that day, just after lunch, we drove up from La Garde, and made good time – we were in Nice in less than two hours. It was a sunny, blue day, but cool. We were trying to find our AirBnB rental, which on the map was in an ideal location near the Place Garibaldi, but the street was obscure and hard to find, even by French standards. After our third pass through the neighborhood, I waited at a traffic light and looked around for where we ought to go. Continue Reading


A word and picture round up of a few recent activities.

The Calanques

The calanques are a series of limestone inlets to the east and south of Marseille. They end near the town of La Ciotat. One sunny, cool Saturday we took the metro to the Prado stop. We then got on bus #19, which heads down the coast. At the end of that bus line we switched to bus #20, which is the size of an airport hotel shuttle. After a fifteen minute winding ride, the bus ride ended at the little town of Callelongue. Happily Annie had not barfed during the bus ride. There’s not much to the town: a few restaurants, a little cove with a few boats, and a few houses. Continue Reading