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E.B. White style from Marseille to Maugansville*

Flying back to the States for a few more weeks of onsite work.


Zombies at the Gare St. Charles in Marseille.

Almost didn’t get there

It’s a short walk from our apartment to the buses. Along the way I pass a sign advertising The Walking Dead (LES SEULS BON MORT SONT DES MORTS MORTS – shows get localized quickly now, especially if zombies are involved.

The bus from the Gare St. Charles to the airport wouldn’t start. After a couple of non-starts, the driver turned everything off, shut down all electronics. The LG display at the front of the bus loses it’s fancy gui to show us that behind it all is the blue screen of WindowsXP, rebooting in safe mode.  An omen? But just after advising us to get off the bus, for the heck of it the driver tries once more and the engine catches. Continue Reading