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The Wine Dark Sea

Posted on Dora Katherine Money Elder’s birthday, and as such, the appropriate drink pairing for reading this essay is a Manhattan. She had a bit of the travel bug, from which there is no cure, only temporary relief.

Wednesday afternoon, mid-July. Recently this region of France, Herault, set a national high temperature record of 45° C. (113° F.). Today it was not quite so hot. Catherine and I arrived at the boat by tram and bus: our Renault is on its last legs. Robert and Jade, his daughter and Catherine’s friend, were already aboard, as was Ian, Jade’s godfather. Continue Reading

Au revoir Marseille

July was our last month in Marseille. After spending August in Berlin, we moved. Now we are living in La Garde – a small, quiet village between Toulon and Hyeres. In La Garde we have a larger home on a very quiet street, all within an old French village. Continue Reading


The walk to the Ecole Maternelle

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I walk Catherine her school, the Ecole Maternelle. She has no school on Wednesdays. We leave our apartment at 8:10am, take a right outside our front door heading towards the train station, then left on Rue de Convalescents which becomes the Rue Nationale then turns into the Rue Colbert. A left on Rue Henri Barbusse and we’re at the school. Along the way there are a number of small businesses: sandwhich shops, cafes, and stores selling cosmetics and cleaning supplies. Continue Reading

The customs of the country

Cigarette butts must be thrown down with a flick of contempt and look of disdain. Smoldering cigarettes may lie as they are or be extinguished with grinding motion of the ball of the foot. Brass ashtray stands are strictly decorative and may not be used for cigarette butts. Continue Reading