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The Wine Dark Sea

Posted on Dora Katherine Money Elder’s birthday, and as such, the appropriate drink pairing for reading this essay is a Manhattan. She had a bit of the travel bug, from which there is no cure, only temporary relief.

Wednesday afternoon, mid-July. Recently this region of France, Herault, set a national high temperature record of 45° C. (113° F.). Today it was not quite so hot. Catherine and I arrived at the boat by tram and bus: our Renault is on its last legs. Robert and Jade, his daughter and Catherine’s friend, were already aboard, as was Ian, Jade’s godfather. Continue Reading

The Sailing Classroom – Mahina Tiare III

The Sailing Classroom – Mahina Tiare III

Note – I came across this piece when cleaning up some old directories. I wrote it in 2004 and submitted it to at least one sailing magazine, but it was rejected. The sailing trip was in May, 2003. Think of a school and what comes to mind? Open, airy kindergartens with lots of space for kids… Continue Reading