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My Own Private Alexandria

A response to a suggestion.

Back then, you might see a young woman reading a book at the Cafe Hawelka in Vienna, maybe at the Cafe Bastille in San Francisco, or anywhere in between. From a distance you could see what she was reading. From that came possibilities.

“It was too bad about Prince Andrei. But Natasha and Pierre…oh, you haven’t read that far? Sorry.” Continue Reading


On Thursday, November 30, American Public Media (APM) emailed all subscribers that today was the final newsletter edition of “The Writer’s Almanac” – the program would no longer be distributed by APM, which was terminating all contracts with Garrison Keillor and his private media companies after allegations of inappropriate behavior. Continue Reading

Elder’s Write-O-Matic

In Roald Dahl’s short story The Great Automatic Grammatizator, Adolphe Knipe is a computer scientist who wants to be a writer. With the reluctant support of his boss, Knipe invents a machine that produces short stories, then is improved to write novels – each novel taking about fifteen minutes to create. In the following scene where the… Continue Reading

Life as a notebook

Life as a notebook

A small notebook that was my father’s came to me after his death. It measured three by five inches, was made of black leather, and had six tiny yet strong rings for holding the paper –  the clasp that set and unset the rings was brass colored, and it must have been well made because it… Continue Reading