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Lackeys and Toadies

“An extremely credible source” has called my office and told this writer about @DTrump’s latest initiatives. Recognizing the enormous benefits incurred by the Russian intervention in the 2016 election, the occupant has come to understand that there’s no need to use domestic operatives. Why bother with Americans when you can outsource it all to not only the Russians, but also the Ukrainians, Australians, and many, many more? Beyond our borders any semblance of respect for the rule of law, national sovereignty, due process, checks and balances, and ethical behavior are entirely optional. Continue Reading

The Broken Chicken Heart

According to this Associated Press article, in a deposition given in 2006, Bill Cosby admitted to giving drugs to at least one woman, and other people, in order to have sex. As of this writing at least fifty additional woman have come forward to make the same accusation. Growing up in the era of the three… Continue Reading