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Land of terrible infants

Standing in the great hall of Zurich’s main train station, it’s a cold, clear morning, the Thursday before Christmas. I love train stations. And today, here, now, this moment, I am at the center of all things: go that way, south, to Italy, Malta, the Mediterranean; or go east, to Austria, the Czech Republic, or the land of the Margars; take that train north to Germany, Denmark, or as I must, travel west towards France. I love train travel, even when the French are ill tempered. Although there were to be railway strikes in France, none of my information sources indicated that the first leg of my trip, from Zurich to Mulhouse on the TGV Lyria, which runs several times a day between Paris and Zurich, would be affected; I checked not only the main screen showing train departures, but also my array of apps from the various rail companies: SNCF, SBB, and Trainline—all indicated things were as normal. Continue Reading

Train Travels

Train Travels

I’m taking fewer pictures these days, and the fault, in part, is Annie’s new LG phone. While her phone camera has almost no controls compared to my bulky digital SLR, it takes pretty good pictures, especially in low light, and now I’m rethinking my whole photography kit. I’d like to get the Leicia M3 or Fujifilm X100, both are… Continue Reading