Train Travels

31 August 2015 14:38 

I’m taking fewer pictures these days, and the fault, in part, is Annie’s new LG phone. While her phone camera has almost no controls compared to my bulky digital SLR, it takes pretty good pictures, especially in low light, and now I’m rethinking my whole photography kit. I’d like to get the Leicia M3 or Fujifilm X100, both are smaller and elegant, but I can’t afford it.

To be sure, I’m also feeling some castle and cathedral ennui, hence fewer photos. So when the mood struck me, not very often, I took a few pictures. Since I won’t be writing about the trip, it wasn’t enjoyable, at least here are a few facts:

Train rides, each line is one day’s travel:

  • Toulon to Nice to Vintimille to Milan to Vienna
  • Vienna to Prague
  • Prague to Hamburg to Bremen
  • Bremen to Osnabrück to Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam to Frankfurt to Offenburg to Strasbourg
  • Strasbourg to Basel to Milan
  • Milan to Vintimille to Nice to Toulon

Bags lost: 1

Blocks of cheese lost: 2

Kilometers traveled: ~4,600

Duration: 21 days

Ever again: No

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