Chur Photo Issue

12 September 2021 19:14 

Our writers have been writing, but nothing is fit for publication, right now.  So it’s just photographs this time.

About the gallery:

  1. I spend too much time looking out the window. I never get tired of it: the sky, the mountains, the people walking by.  So far no suspect Jimmy Stewart ‘Rear Window’ stuff going on, but now and then I see some things….
  2. Instead of the bus, lately I’ve taken to walking to the pool and back, so I’m seeing a bit more of town than I had before.
  3. Below the gallery are two videos; I can’t embed them in the gallery.
  4. The featured image photo was taken from my office in Bonaduz.

If you click in the photo, the gallery is dismissed. Use the << and >> in the lower corners to navigate.

Video 1 of 2: Scene of building demolition. I like the controlled destruction.


Video 2 of 2: On the Plessur River, seen coming back from the pool: a ping pong ball is stuck in a hydraulic . This reminded me of movie I generally don’t like, but I am partial to the plastic bag scene. The file is a bit big, so give it a moment to load.


A few photos to mark the end of summer:

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