11 June 2023

5,774 words

Moscow’s Candidate Russia had always been listening, and helping. Vlad and Don sat atop Vlad’s prize stallion as it cantered through the birch trees. Both were topless. Vlad spooned Don, nestling his chin on the fleshy, orange shoulder, wisps of chemically-treated hair teased his cheek, their hands entwined in the leather reins. They shared a ...continue reading

food, France, travel

18 March 2023

1658 words

We’re all familiar with place names that are proper names, say Drakes Bay or Fenwick Island. Then there are those whose names are topographic or geographic: Ocean City, Ocean Beach, Lands End, Stillwater Cove, and so on. Other languages have similar naming conventions. For example, French. I’ve known for a while the meaning of the ...continue reading

France, wisdom

4 March 2023

880 word

Road trip to Lyon to move number one son there. *** It was a beautiful morning, a sailor’s warning of red clouds. *** Once clear of town, the views were long vistas, almost prarie contours to the land, and at the early hour everything is blue, grey, dirty white. *** All the trucks stayed far ...continue reading

6065 words

Based upon The Enormous Radio, a short story by John Cheever Jake Hutchinson pulled into the far end of the back parking lot of 70/Relay. He did not park under the eucalyptus trees, where tree sap or bird crap might mar the paint. He parked diagonally, taking up two spaces, well away from other cars. ...continue reading

Europe, memoir, travel

29 October 2022

4574 words

A note about the journal A week ago a container with our North American possessions arrived in France, and with it the chance to see things not seen for at least twelve years, and in some cases, several decades. Among all this was a journal, along with photos, of my first trip to Europe, in ...continue reading

France, Spain

31 July 2022

75 words

It’s been a busy time: laid low for a few days by covid, knee surgery, home purchase, friends visiting, a move, trips to places that begin with the letter M (Montreal, Maugansville), and much, much more. And we’re still not done: there’s an upcoming trip to finally get our stuff out of storage. Most will ...continue reading

fiction, Silicon Valley

14 July 2022

3,734 words

Writer’s note: for this story to work, the reader must be very familiar with some of Al Pacino’s movies. In addition, the traits of the particular Pacino character must be clearly adapted to this situation; it’s not clear that I’ve done this well. Still, it was fun to write. “Explain it to me again,” said ...continue reading

France, Montpellier

31 January 2022

1774 word

Random observations of note, not always about Montpellier, sometimes just in my head. As always in these cases, it’s E.B. White style. *** Strange but true In the nearby park a woman was picking up poop from her dog. I almost took a picture. Clearly she is not French . *** Ménage à trois My ...continue reading

France, Montpellier, Suisse

14 November 2021

2491 words

Saturday, 13 November, Chur to Montpellier It was early afternoon when I got in to Mulhouse, having left Chur a little after nine. Mulhouse has a dingy, crappy little train station: peeling paint anywhere you look, weeds wherever weeds could grow, a sad, run down feeling to it all. It was a fitting re-entry into ...continue reading