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30 September 2021

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Titles are hard. Come up with something and in your head it sounds great. See it written down, and it’s weak at best, and subsequent ideas are even worse. A title should be short (Augustus), capture something about the topic (Twelve Angry Men), be original (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), maybe funny (Green Eggs

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This day, ten years ago.  I’m driving around with one the best guys in the world, Bill, who’s showing me around the various neighborhoods for Annapolis. We had left California almost a year before.  Our plan to relocate to the Boston area has fallen though, so we’re thinking maybe best to settle in an area


12 September 2021

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Our writers have been writing, but nothing is fit for publication, right now.  So it’s just photographs this time.

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The German for this day is the best: Mittwoch, mid week. That captures it simply, two syllables, everything’s pronounced, easy. Unlike the secular German word, the English and French words are pagan in their origins, Wednesday (Wodin’s day) and mercredi (Mercury’s day); nor are they pronounced as they are written: wennsday or mecredee.

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24 July 2021

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Technically we’re past midsummers, which was June 24th. It’s been a busy time, with a lot of activity and things going on, but not so much to show for it all.  Photo gallery navigation tips: obviously in the lower left/right corners click the left (<<) or right (>>) chevrons to navigate. If you click in


14 July 2021

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…and it won’t wait for me. That’s a bit of a mash up: the title that begins this thought and essay is from Blue Oyster Cult’s song Burn’n For You, while the completing phrase in the opening of this paragraph is from The Rolling Stone’s Time Waits For No One (Mick Taylor’s guitar will break


16 May 2021

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Our first few years in France we were always ambushed by May.  For this American atheist, the month is chock full of holidays unknown, not celebrated, or occurring at a different time: May 1 – Labor Day (in the fall in the US) May 8 – Victory in Europe Day (not celebrated in the US)

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28 January 2021

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2:12 A.M. wake ups are wretched. It’s the same dread feeling as when you’ve just swallowed what you realize might be some dodgy shellfish, and the next twelve to twenty-four hours will be suspect at best, even if you don’t end up recreating Stephen King’s Barf-O-Rama™.


30 December 2020

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On December 2nd, the University of Vermont announced that it would cut 27 academic programs from the College of Arts and Sciences. From The Burlington Free Press: