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28 January 2021

2:12 A.M. wake ups are wretched. It’s the same dread feeling as when you’ve just swallowed what you realize might be some dodgy shellfish, and the next twelve to twenty-four hours will be suspect at best, even if you don’t end up recreating Stephen King’s Barf-O-Rama™.


30 December 2020

On December 2nd, the University of Vermont announced that it would cut 27 academic programs from the College of Arts and Sciences. From The Burlington Free Press:

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10 December 2020

I was talking to Lukas when I noticed I wasn’t feeling well; we were discussing a project we were both working on. Although he works in the new technology group, because of the backlog of work in engineering, he had been loaned out to one of the software teams to help them get back on


25 October 2020

In the original Star Trek series, “This Side of Paradise” (season one, episode twenty-four), Kirk, Spock, and there rest of the crew of the Enterprise are made stupid/happy after being shot by some spores of a plant that alters their behavior. I felt the same way after spending some time on the Fox News website,

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1 August 2020

Make it up as we go along – The Talking Heads August 1st is Swiss National Day: on this day in 1291, the cantons of Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden formed a federal charter, the beginnings of what eventually became Switzerland. Fast forward seven hundred nineteen years: on the first day of the eighth month of


28 July 2020

In the mountains around Flims and Laax with Kieran, Mike, and Odin the savage dog….The last four pictures are the view from Mike’s home. 

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2 April 2020

For a few summers in high school I worked as a river raft guide in West Virginia. Lately I’ve been a technical writer for a medical devices company in Switzerland. Both are land-locked, mountainous regions. How else do they compare? I know you’ve been wondering about this for a long, long time.

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23 March 2020

Our team of writers, editors, and photographers have been busy coping with this covid-19 thing, and hope all of you who got lost and ended up here, are well.

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29 February 2020

Ses meilleurs tableaux avons blancs: la voile blanche d’un sloop gréé de gaffes, l’extérieur blanc d’une maison en clapot de la Nouvelle-Angleterre, le blanc d’un phare de l’Atlantique, l’uniforme blanc du type qui travaille derrière le comptoir du restaurant. Le blanc est une couleur solitaire: il reflète tous les spectres de la lumière. Même si