San Francisco vs Marseille

22 January 2012 20:47 

An informal and subjective side by side.

ItemSan FranciscoMarseille
Location37°47′N 122°25′W43°17′N 5°22′E
Founded1776 A.D.600 B.C.
Area600.6 km22,830.2 km2
Sunshine hours/year3,0612,835
Body of waterPacificMediterranean
Water temperature56F/13C62F/16C
Noteworthy climate featureThe fogThe Mistral
Exotic, lovely women?YesYes
Island prisonAlcatrazChateau d'If
Nearby hillsMarin HeadlandsSainte-Baume, Mont Sainte Victoire
Noteworthy geological featureSan Andreas FaultCalanques
BridgeGolden Gate Bridgenothing that compares
Palacenothing that comparesPalais Longchamp
Quantity of dog poopNot so muchSubstantial
Cigarette buttsNot so muchLots
Steep streetsSomenone
PizzaZa Pizza PotestoTartiflette from the old port
Public transportationBart, bus, trolley carMetro, bus, tram
FortsPresidioSaint Jean
Church on a hillGrace CathedralNotre Dame de la Garde
UnderclassMexicanNorth African
Tasty, cheap foodMexicanNorth African
Excellent restaurantsOf courseBien sûr
Peet's coffee?YesNon!
One store for all food and alcoholSafewayMonoprix
BaguettesNot so goodDamn, they are good

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  1. Blake,
    There’s a couple of things i want to add.
    there are steep streets in Marseille. Over on the side of Basilique Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde. That’s actually where i want to look for our next place. It reminds me of the hills of belmont with views of the bay.

    second, SF has large Asian population. Marseille has huge Arab population.

    Third, tons of mexican and asian restaurants in SF. Marseille has cous cous galore.

    Fourth, um that’s all i can think of.

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